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[Оглас за вработување] e-Commerce Product Description Creator/Writer + Social Media Expert во UberWorks

UberVorks DOOEL is an e-commerce company with an office in Bitola, we are a partner of a US based company. We design and manufacture high-quality notebooks/journals. We also specialize in high quality writing instruments, vintage and new. We work on all major e-commerce platforms as well as our own dedicated websites.
We are currently seeking a Specialist for composing Product Descriptions, a job profile which among other things includes, writing and posting product listings, product research and social media engagement.
We are well established, world recognized company in out niche markets, and we are very proud of it. We are a family-owned business and we have a family attitude towards our employees. We offer some of the best job environment in out country, with many benefits, great location and easy-going/friendly team and working atmosphere.
– Absolutely perfect/expert level English, written and spoken
– At least some affinity and love for handwriting, that is, you are personally using actual paper notebooks & pens
– Have a creative “writers ability” in order to understand a product intimately and thoroughly describe it/review it
– Being an avid user of all social media platforms, FB, Insta, Tw, ext.
– Be an extremely motivated person, taking initiative without orders
– Think outside the box, be creative, both with the day to day tasks as well as showing leadership in proposing, creating and implementing new ideas
– Willingness and ability to learn and develop new skills
– Being a friendly and positive person, both towards the team and the customers; to actually care for your colleagues and your company
– Be able to show past experience of and/or demonstrate all of the above
Advantages are:
– Work experience in an actual company environment
– Having lived in an English speaking country where your English is or it’s close to your first language
– Some understanding of major e-commerce platforms, such as Magento, eBay, Amazon, ext.
– Having some knowledge in creating AdWords & Facebook ad campaigns
– Having some graphic design knowledge, where you can design banners, edit photographs ext.
– Some basic understanding of stock photography
– Some basic idea of video editing
– Some experience in marketing
– Some experience in social selling
– SEO & keywords understanding, G-analytics, ext.
– Understanding product feedback and product reviews
– Knowledge of Mailchimp and newsletters outreach
– Creating Giveaways campaigns
– Some basic understanding of crowdfunding such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, ext
Job description (responsibilities and job profile progress over time):
– Writing product descriptions
– Posting products on websites and other e-commerce platforms
– Email customer support and communication
– Engaging and posting on all social media platforms, FB, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest ext
– Writing and posting on our company’s blog page
– Creating Mailchimp newsletter campaigns
What do we offer?
– Full-time employment
– Competitive salary with paid benefits
– Salary increase over time
– Bonuses

– Lunch break

– Flexible working hours when possible or needed
– Nice & cozy working offices in the center
– Relaxed working atmosphere
– Developing new skills and learning from your team

– Occasional domestic & international travels for meetings & events
Apply with your CV/resume. Should you like, you can also include a Motivation Letter.
You can also send your docs to contact@myUberWorks.com
And don’t forget, if you know someone who would love this job, forward this ad to them; they will love you for it!
Looking forward to your application!

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