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To avoid unnecessary risk exposure when shopping online, look for the Verified E-Seller Badge on the e-store you want to buy from. Verified e-merchants are registered legal entities verified by the AETM.


In the digital age, e-tailers need to build trust with e-shoppers.

The verified e-merchant badge is a visual mark that is placed at e-stores and helps buyers to more easily assess that it is a registered legal entity that, during the inspection period before issuing the verification badge, meets the basic legal requirements for carrying out the e-commerce activity in accordance with the rules provided by Verified e-merchants badge rulebook.

Verification serves as a reference point for consumers to determine the legitimacy of an e-merchant, but also as a trust-building tool.

How to become a verified e-merchant?

To get the Verified E-Merchant Badge, each e-Merchant needs to complete a short online application about their e-commerce business.

File an application

Fill out a short online application in which you will answer whether you meet the basic legal conditions for working in e-commerce.


Make a payment

After submitting an application, it is necessary to make a payment. It can be done by payment card or invoice.


Checking the application

After making the payment, there is a check, which is done by AETM according to the criteria for obtaining the Badge.



If you meet all the criteria, you will receive a confirmation email that you are a Verified e-merchant and instructions for setting up the Badge. If you do not meet any criteria, you will receive an email with corrections that need to be implemented on the e-shop, so that the Badge for a verified e-merchant can be acquired.

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Find out how to submit a complaint to the appropriate competent institution

When the consumer has a complaint about the e-shopping, he should contact the e-store first. The e-store should take care of the complaint and provide a solution. If the e-store and the consumer cannot come to a solution, the consumer can apply by reporting the complaint to the competent authorities.
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