Regional web platform - Ecommerce4all

After the successfully launched for the Macedonian market, starting from November 2021. The Macedonian E-Commerce Association develops and expands the platform regionally, making it available to markets from the CEFTA region, with the support of the regional fund for foreign trade – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

In 2020, AETM launched the platform, which is a center with information and resources for running an e-commerce business for all existing and new e-traders in North Macedonia. The platform was developed as part of the “E-commerce for all” project supported by the USAID Business Ecosystem Development Project, and now it is being expanded to all markets in the CEFTA region, i.e. to Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro Gora, Moldova, next to North Macedonia.

Through the implementation of this regional platform, e-merchants from the CEFTA region, who are planning to expand their e-commerce businesses outside their domestic market in the coming years, have at their disposal a unified point from which they will be able to provide all the necessary relevant information related to with
e-commerce for all markets in the region.


The platform is a hub of resources and information on key aspects of e-commerce for all CEFTA members. The web platform consists of relevant e-commerce data and resources for the CEFTA region, including basic e-commerce data, interactive charts and data on the development of the CEFTA e-commerce market, as well as data on key aspects of doing business. in
the e-commerce

Information on the key aspects of doing business in e-commerce is structured in five modules

Each of these modules contains relevant information specific to a particular CEFTA market, guidelines, manuals, subject-related documents and video presentations. The first module presents the state of
e-commerce through statistics and data on the development of the e-commerce market (interactive charts on the state of e-commerce in each market and comparisons of e.g. e-shoppers, payment cards, digital skills, UNCTAD B2C e-readiness index -trade and other relevant Eurostat data). All data are available both in the local language of each of the CEFTA members and in English.

The web platform can serve all companies locally to conduct e-commerce business in their market, but more importantly it can serve them in their expansion plans to other CEFTA markets.

The project implementation process

The “Regional E-Commerce Platform for All” project will be implemented in three phases, where different modules of the web platform will be developed in each phase. The development of the modules is adapted to each of the 7 CEFTA members depending on the resources and possibilities for the realization of each module. The modules will be developed and launched in cooperation with local partners from all CEFTA markets. The official start of the joint regional cooperation between the associations and other organizations from the CEFTA region related to this project began with the regional meeting that took place on March 7, 2022 and which is the first regional meeting between the Associations for e-commerce and the Organizations of related industries from CEFTA the region so far.

The development of the regional web platform for e-commerce “E-commerce for all” ( is realized with the support of the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ.