We are happy to announce that the outstanding companies selected in the call: “E-Commerce: Superpower for Local Businesses” have recently opened their first e-stores on local marketplaces. Their decision to embark on this digital venture shows their determination and entrepreneurial spirit. See more about the public call “E-commerce: Superpower for local businesses” the way it took place by stages and which are the newly opened e-stores.

Collecting applications for participation in the public call

From 17.02.2023 to 15.03.2023
The Macedonian e-commerce association in cooperation with the Visa company announced the public call “E-commerce: Superpower for local businesses”. All micro, small and medium-sized companies had the opportunity to apply to open their own e-store for free within the framework of existing marketplace platforms. A total of 102 companies submitted their applications in this phase of the public call

Educational networking An event with AETM and VISA

Netaville 28.02.2023
At the educational networking event, we learned interesting data about digital trends in Macedonia from the Visa company’s research, and we also presented the public call to those present, with which together with Visa we gave next-steps in the application and stages of the public call for opening 15 new e-stores.

Selection of support recipients

A committee composed of experts in the field of e-commerce reviewed the applications and according to the predetermined criteria specified in the public call, selected the participants who followed the program to open a new e-store and to strengthen digital skills for e-commerce and digital marketing.

Educational seminar

All about e-commerce

Presentations of

Marketplace platforms

Assignment of



Opening of e-stores

The selected companies have made a monumental transition into the digital age and online sales. This is one level ahead in their operation and allows them to increase the sales of their products and present them to a wider audience, both through marketing that will be led by local marketplaces, and through the implementation of e-commerce and marketing knowledge that they received during the seminar.


Fresh and healthy food

Sener Professional

Cosmetic products

Promis DOOEL

Hygiene products

Green Republic

Organic vegetables and fruits

Muppet Kids

Children's and baby clothes

Livan Herbal

Organic products

POLIN Pharmacy

Supplements and food additives


Tools and machinery

Adut GVN

Food products

PMM Company

Pet food

Bling Bling

Jewelry and fashion accessories

Pet Stop Kiosk

Food and pet products

Results from this project

Increased digital skills of the participants from the selected companies;

Meeting and networking between the participants and the representatives of the marketplace platforms at the seminar

New e-stores opened on various marketplace platforms

New online sales reached

Increased promotion of newly opened e-stores on social media, e-mail newsletter and media