In the period June – July 2022, three trainings were held that were part of the educational program “Digital skills for the growth of your company” organized by AETM and IME, which took place in the premises of INNOFEIT and was intended for companies that are part of IT, tourism and the agricultural sector. The first training on “Digitalization of processes and tools for managing and maintaining an e-store” was held on June 9. with Damjan Dano, a long-time digital transformation expert who introduced the participants to the basic processes needed to run an e-store and how to make daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checks necessary for its flawless functioning.
On 22.06. the second training was held with Martin Kitanovski, co-founder of, he deconstructed marketing and storytelling down to the smallest units, talking about the word and concept of marketing and its fundamentals, he gave an explanation about social media and the ways in which they work, he spoke on the topic : why Content is King and why storytelling has one of the most important, but sometimes the most important role in marketing. He told the attendees how to make a plan and strategy for publishing content, but also what kind of content should be published at a given moment. How important consistency in work and creativity are when creating and communicating with customers.
On 05.07. the last of the three trainings on the topic “Tools for e-commerce in digital marketing and advertising” was held, which was spoken by Darko Buldioski, founder of NewMediaMK who has been part of the digital, creative world for 15 years. Darko transferred his knowledge to more than 30 present participants of the program who closely followed his and past trainings and were ready to acquire new knowledge that they can immediately implement in their businesses. He explained the topic of his training through three different segments: analytics in the era of GDPR, e-mail newsletters and social media advertising.

At the end of the training, we were joined by guests – representatives from one of the most famous e-commerce platforms in Macedonia:,,, and in order to share experiences and knowledge with the participants. , as well as to discuss possible additional collaborations and placement of their services/products on some of these local platforms for online sales.

After the completion of the trainings, the results were measured through an online survey intended for the participants of the program, to receive feedback on the quality and level of knowledge acquired during the learning program.

A short video of the initiative

Watch the short video of how we spent the educational sessions within the initiative

Results of this project

Increased digital skills of 22 participants from 20 businesses that are part of the IT, tourism and agro-sector and 5 students to help them better manage their e-shop and/or manage their social media profiles.

“Agri E-commerce” is supported by the Swiss Program for Increasing Market Employability (IME)