About the project

As a response to the public call published by FITR after the declared pandemic, which aimed to collect applications for the creation of digital or other tools and solutions intended for different age groups and categories of citizens for a safer and better handling of the circumstances after the declared COVID-19 pandemic, AETM created the “Digital Services for All” web platform. The web platform “Digital services for all” was intended to facilitate the handling of the current health crisis in North Macedonia, presenting the advantages that digitization brings with it.

What does the platform consist of?

The web platform contains three different types of digital services, which make everyday life easier:

  • The first part of the platform consists of the free tools available to all citizens, which offer the opportunity for education, online work, following cultural events, but also entertainment – categorized in several segments: E-learning, Culture and art, Events, Work from home and Sports activities.
  • The second part of the web platform was intended for all those who want to shop online, displaying almost all e-stores in the country.
  • The third part was about the online payment of bills for electricity, water, heating, telephone and internet services and other overhead costs in a quick, easy and simple way.

The platform displayed in one place most of the free tools and digital services that companies offered during COVID-19, online bill payment services, as well as a large part of registered e-stores. The launch of the platform was followed by a promotional campaign about the benefits of using e-services and online shopping.

Results achieved with the “Ecommerce4All” project:

The web platform received excellent user feedback and received over 20,000 visits in just 10 days of launch, as well as visibility and positive comments from users and the media.

Digital services for all was implemented as part of the public call “CREATON” with the support of the Innovation and Technological Development Fund.